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Showa 887

40cm long disposable nitrile gloves that prevents exposure between clothing and gloves


1. Box-type packaging for easily taken out.
2. Food grade for food processing and direct food contact.
3. Special inner surface processing for easier wearing and taking off.
4. Ultra-thiness like the sense of bare hands.
5. Excellent detergent resistance.
6. Excellent elastic and fits softly, suitable for long hours of work.
7. Thin and fits perfectly, suitable for sensitive work.
8. Ambidextrous.
9. Powder free.
10. Contains no protein that causes latex allergy.
12. No smell peculiar to natural rubber products.



Product Description

• Longer design - With a total length of 40cm, this glove covers you from fingertip to sleeve.
• Better fingertip grip - Textured fingertip design provides better grip to hold small objects more firmly.
• Food safe - Complies with Japan Food Sanitation Law, and is safe for direct contact with meat and food.
• Latex allergy free - Made of nitrile synthetic rubber, does not trigger latex allergies.


Recommended Industry

• Janitorial
• Gardening
• Food
• Healthcare
• Agriculture
• Commercial Fishing

• Municipal Services
• Mechanical
• Automotive
• Oil and Gas
• Chemical

Packaging50 pieces in a box , 20 boxes in a carton
Care Instructions

• Do not use with high concentration chemicals or solvents.
• Do not use in contact with high-temperature objects, oily food, or ingredients above 60°C.
• Keep away from fire or heat sources as it may cause melting or fires.
• Do not use for electrical-related work.
• Store in a dry place, away from light.
• This glove is a single-use disposable product. Do not reuse.



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