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Showa Surutto

Smooth touch & light gloves


1. Smooth touch inner layer
2. Light & affordable household range
3. Non-flock-lined
4. Powder-free & smell-free
5. No latex allergy risk
6. Double coating textured, enhances the strength of fingertip and excellent grip
7. Reusable by washing after use
8. More durable on dishwasher, cleaner, grease, etc than natural latex gloves
9. Polyvinyl chloride material provides excellent fitting and softness
10. Contains no phthalate (DEHP) plasticizers and nonylphenol (NP); cares for you and your family's health

Kitchen cleaning
Bathroom & toilet cleaning
Potted plant care
Packaging1 pair in a bag , 120 pairs in a carton
Care Instructions• Do not use in contact with high-temperature objects, oily food, or ingredients above 60°C.
• Do not use for electrical-related work.
• Do not scrape gloves with nail tips, knives, or sharp tools, as this may damage the gloves and cause leaking.
• Wash off dirt after use. Dry and store in a cool and ventilated place to extend the service life.
• Symptoms such as itching, inflammation, and rashes may occur as a result of skin sensitivity. If you feel any discomfort,   stop using the gloves and consult a doctor.

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