Got your COVID-19 Vaccine? Here are some rewards for you!


We believe that get vaccinated is the only way to flatten the curve of #Covid19 cases in our country. We appreciate those who have done their part to keep themselves and people around them safe.

To show our effort and support to encourage the community to get vaccinated, we are giving out discount vouchers to purchase gloves at our Estore. Send us your MySejahtera Vaccination Status to get your voucher!


Simple steps to get your voucher:

1. Register for COVID-19 vaccine  (Skip this step if you have already done)

2. Screenshot your MySejahtera profile and vaccination registration status from your MySejahtera app 

3. Register and claim your voucher here (

4. Sit Back, Stay Home and Stay Safe. You will receive your special voucher code on the registered email you provided (it may take up to one working day for the code to be processed, remember to check your inbox or junk mail!)


This campaign period is from 2 July 2021 till 30 September 2021. T&C apply.

Stay safe!

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